Vivek Shangari

Vivek Shangari

About Vivek Shangari

I started taking things apart when I was 4. Began putting them back together at 8. I have always nourished my primal urge to tinker and it has served me well.

I enjoy leading teams of rockstar programmers that create functional, robust, secure, and good-looking web-based mobile applications and apps that run on the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. Besides my Engineering responsibilities, I have fun managing the New Product Development (NPD) process.

A coder at heart, I always thinks programs, and hold a piece of code in my head all the time. I play with a few programming & scripting languages, including Lisp, Python, and JavaScript. I firmly believe that HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript is the future of web application development.

Interface design is my other area of interest.

My specialties:

  1. Programming: Lisp, Python, HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript
  2. Machine-Human Interface design.
  3. Computer Systems Performance Analysis.

I started codeCraft.

About codeCraft

codeCraft is all about the art of writing beautiful code. Life is too short for bad software. We are a start-up and specialize in making life suck less when building web applications that look nice and feel right. We help you hire coders that eat programs for breakfast. We complete the circle by training you in Lisp – God’s own programming language. New products/services are being worked upon and will be launched soon.

Check out our website to see what’s brewing at codeCraft.



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